Cranberry Dahi Bhalla


For Lentil Fritters
• 1 cup Urad dal
• 1 tsp Zeera seeds
• Cold Water for grinding
• ¾ cup dried cranberry
• Oil for frying

For Cranberry Chutney
• 1 Cup of Dried Cranberry
• 1 Cup of chopped Totapuri Mango
• ½ Cup of jaggery
• 1 Cup of water
• ½ tsp of Red chili powder

Placing The Cranberry Bhalla
• Water to boil
• Salt 3tsp
• Cranberry Chutney
• Yogurt/ Curd 500 gm
• Sugar ½ tsp
• Spices for garnish
• Fried Dal Fitters (Bhalla)


For Lentil Fritters

Soak the dal for 6 hrs. or overnight.
Grind the dal to a fine paste with very little water. Always add ice-cold water.
Remove the dal batter in a bowl, add a little salt, cumin seeds (jeera) and whisk it in one direction for about 3 -4 min. The quantity of the batter has to be double in volume and looks fluffy. At this stage add your dried cranberry mix well and deep fry in medium heat oil.

For Cranberry sauce
Boil water add chopped mango, cranberries, boil this for 5 min until the mango and cranberries are soft.
Then add jaggery and boil until it looks like a thick sauce.
Lastly add red chili powder and a little salt.

Placing the Cranberry Bhalla
Boil water add salt
Add the required amount of Fried Dal fitters (Bhalla) to the boiling water.
Turn off the gas. Soak the Bhalla for 10 min.
Squeeze the Bhalla lightly and place it on a serving tray.
At this stage, I am going to stuff my cranberry chutney inside the Bhalla by using my sauce injector. Stuff the injector with sauce and smoothly insert about 1 tbsp. of cranberry chutney inside the Bhalla.
Pour whisked yogurt mixed with salt and sugar over the Bhallas. Sprinkle with little spice and serve.

Recipe by Rashmi Varman