Cranberry Gujiya


For the Dough:   
• 250 gm Refined flour
• 60 gm Ghee
• Water to knead as required

For the Filling:
• 15 gm Ghee
• 375 gm Khoya Grated
• 50 gm Semolina
• 150 gm Sugar
• 50 gm Chopped nuts
• 100 gm Chopped Cranberry
• 30 gm Coconut powder
• 04 gm Cardamom powder
• 20 gm Milk
• Ghee for frying


Take flour add melted ghee and mix with fingers to form a crumble
Start adding water little by little and knead to form a slightly stiff dough, cover the dough with a damp cloth and rest for up to 45mins

For Filling:
Heat 1 tablespoon ghee on medium heat, add chopped raisins, and nuts, fry for 2 mins then add coconut powder and roast for 2 mins more till fragrant, transfer to a bowl
In the same pan add grated mawa on low flame, roast 5 mins until mawa turns light golden in color, add nuts raisins, coconut powder, cranberry, sugar, cardamom powder mix well and remove to a bowl keeping the mixture a little gooey
Dissolve 2 tablespoon flour in 3 tablespoon water for sealing Gujiya’

Shaping and filling Gujiya:
Divide dough into equal balls while keeping it covered always
Roll each ball to a 5” circle and place in Gujiya mold, apply the flour and water mix all around the edges. Put one tablespoon filling shut the mould and remove excess dough from the mould
Prepare all gujiyas and keep in tray always covered with a damp cloth till ready to fry

Frying Gujiya:
Heat ghee in a kadai till hot , reduce flame and slowly put the gujiyas to fry in batches for 10 mins each on low heat