Cranberry Malai Laddoo


• 1 tbs dry cranberries
• 1 ltr milk
• 1.5 tbs lemon juice mixed with 1.5 tbs water
• 1 tsp ghee
• 3 tbs milk
• 1/4th cup milk powder (optional)
• 2 tbs condensed milk (or 3 tbs sugar)
• 2 tbs malai (or 3 tbs fresh cream)
• For garnishing some dry cranberries and milk powder

Directions : 

Take 1 tbs cranberries
Finely chop it, else laddoo will break
Cranberries have so many health benefits
Take 1 ltr milk
Heat it up
Take 1.5 tbs lemon juice
Add equal amount of water to lemon juice
If you add only lemon juice, paneer will come out very hard
Avoid Vinegar in making sweet dish as it has a certain fragrance you don’t want
Gradually add lemon juice water mix
Keep stirring
Now you can see paneer formed
Strain water out from paneer
Wash it with normal water to remove sourness
Tighten the cloth and leave aside in a strainer
Heat up a pan
Add 1 tsp Ghee
Add 3 tbs Milk
We are making a smooth texture to mix paneer into it
Add 2 tbs malai (Alternatively you can add 3 tbs fresh cream)
Keep Mixing
Add 1/4th cup milk powder (optional)
Keep stirring else malai and milk powder will stick to pan
Keep flame slow to medium
It will get thicken
Add 2 tbs condense milk, (Alternative add 3-4 tbs sugar)
It will change color
Add chopped dry cranberries before milk gets thickened
Keep stirring for 10-15 minute
Milk mixture will start leaving the base of pan
It will form shape of ball
Add paneer now
Burn out all the water
Mixture will now not stick to pan base
Take it out in a bowl
Let it cool down
Apply some ghee on both palms
Make small laddoos
If dry cranberries are chopped finely then there will be no problem
Roll these laddoos in milk powder
It will give white milky look to laddoos
Garnish with dry cranberries

About Meghna Kamadar:

Chef Meghna was born in a business class family in Ahmedabad & started supporting her family at the age of 18 and started her career in banking. After a decade she decided to quit her job and ventured into the culinary world. Chef Meghna decided to re-invent her career, to get out of the standard mould of a woman in late 30s & begin caring for – her body, her looks, her desire and her dreams. Rest as they say is history!