Cranberry Muzaafar


• Cranberry 200 grams
• Basmati Rice 300
• Cardamom 5 pieces.
• Sugar 150 tbsp 200 grams (as per taste)
• Desi ghee 100 grams
• Full cream milk 300 grams
• Reduced Milk for garnis


Soak rice for 60 minutes.
Boil presoaked rice one liter water putting with cardamom.
Drain water when rice cooked up to 70 percent.
Now add sugar and milk Desi ghee and cranberry.
Cover for 15 minutes on very slow fire.
Check now if rice got soft dish is ready to serve otherwise keep for more 5 to 10 minutes.
Garnish with reduced Milk.
Serve in a very beautiful dish

Recipe by Izzat Husain