Cranberry Rubbed Chicken Panini with Cran



For the Cranberry Rubbed Chicken
• 675 g Chicken Breast
• 100 g Cranberry Swirl
• 7 g Salt
• 25 g Vegetable Oil
• 0.5 g Sichuan Pepper Powder
• 2 g Rosemary

For the Cran-Rosemary Aioli
• 50 g Frozen US Cranberries
• 50 g Mayonnaise
• 40 g Dried US Cranberries
• 5 g Salt
• 0.5 g Sichuan Pepper Powder
• 1 g Rosemary
• 65 g Vegetable Oil

To Assemble
• Sandwich Bread
• Dried US Cranberries
• Fontina Cheese
• Arugula


To prepare Cranberry rubbed chicken, combine the chicken, cranberry swirl, salt, oil and peppercorn powder together. Finely mince the rosemary and add it to the bowl. Mix well, massaging the marinade ingredients into the meat. Reserve.

For the cran-rosemary aioli, place the frozen US cranberries and vegetable oil in a mixing bowl and puree until smooth. Add the mayonnaise. Working from the center. Stir gently until all of the cranberry-oil mixture is emulsified. Finely chop the rosemary and dried US cranberries and add them to the mayonnaise mixture. Season with the salt and peppercorn powder. Reserve.

To assemble the sandwich, toast the brioche until golden. Spead a generous layer of the mayonnaise on both sides of the toasted bread. Layer the arugula, cheese, grilled chicken and dried US cranberries onto one side of the sandwich. Top with the other side. Slice and serve.