Poha Mixture


• 250 gm Rice Flakes
• 200 gm Groundnuts
• 100gm Dry Coconut slivers
• 100 gm Cranberry dry
• Salt to taste
• 05 gm Black Pepper
• 10 gm Chat masala
• 05 gm Amchur powder
• 100 grams Oil


Heat oil in a kadhai ,put half of the Rice Flakes in hot oil, lower the flame. Stir fry rice flakes till they double in size but their color remains the same.

Take out fried rice flakes and keep them in a strainer to remove excess oil, similarly, fry the remaining rice flakes

Now fry the coconut slivers in the same oil and fry till they turn light brown then take them out, fry groundnuts in remaining oil till they turn brown.

Heat oil in the pan, fry curry leaves, then turn off the gas, add black pepper, salt and Chat masala, put fried rice flakes , coconut, cranberries, and peanuts together in a bowl and mix all these ingredients well.

Cool the Poha Chivda Namkeen thoroughly before storing.