Gulab Jamun Stuffed With Cranberry Purée


• 300 gm Khoya grated
• 85 gm Maida
• 30 gm Semolina
• Baking soda a pinch
• 30 gm Milk
• Ghee for deep frying

For the Cranberry filling: 
• 100 gm Cranberry
• 40 gm Sugar
• Water to make puree and cook with sugar

For sugar syrup:
• 350 gm Sugar
• 350 gm Water
• 03 gm Green Cardamom powder
• 20 gm Rose water


Grate khoya , add maida, semolina, baking soda and mix and knead it into a smooth soft dough without lumps, do not over knead.

To Make The Filling:
Blend cranberry and sugar in a mixer grinder , add equal quantity of water and boil to make a thick puree.
Allow the puree to cool and make even size ball and keep them to freeze.

To Make The Syrup:
Add sugar and water in a pan and bring to boil add cardamom powder and rose water, boil and remove from the flame.

To Make The Gulab Jamun:
Divide the khoya dough into equal size ball as desired, flatten a ball in between your palms, place a frozen ball of cranberry in the centre and close it from all side and make a round ball and keep it in a tray, repeat the same procedure until the dough and the frozen cranberry balls are over.

To Fry The Jamun:
Heat ghee in a kadai on a low flame, slide in the jamun in small batches, gently move the kadai to so that the jamuns leave the bottom and rise to the surface of the hot ghee, fry until they get evenly golden-brown in colour.

Heat the sugar syrup till boiled, reduce heat to low and simmer ensuring it doesn’t get to thick.
Once the gulab jamuns are fried dip them in the above sugar syrup, and press gently inside the syrup and leave, once the jamuns have absorbed the syrup they will remain inside the syrup.
Remove from syrup, garnish with chopped nuts and cranberries, serve hot.