Vicky Ratnani Recipes

Ingredients Olive oil 1.5 teaspoons Onions chopped 1 medium size Cinnamon stick 1 each Cardamom green 2 pieces Cumin seeds
Ingredients U.S Dried Cranberries ½ cup Mixed lettuce leaves washed and picked 1 cup Rocket leaves ½ cup Sweet Potatoes
Ingredients Cottage Cheese 250g (cut into squares or any desired shape) Olive oil 1 tablespoon For the My Spice Fennel
Ingredients U.S Dried cranberries 1 cup Long grain basmati rice ½ cup Milk 2 cups Milk 1 cup Honey ½
Ingredients Dried U.S Cranberries 3 tablespoons Red Apples chopped 1 medium sized Banana ripe 1 medium Custard Apple 1 medium